"The search is over for a tool that increases Web site Traffic..."
--  Computer Technology Review,   August 1997

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Why do I need WebPosition?

"Because you can't do by hand the crucial marketing tasks that WebPosition does unattended - it would take you too long to be cost effective - WebPosition makes it easy!"

WebPosition(tm) saves you hours a week by consistently and comprehensively monitoring your Web site's search positions and alerting you to problems.

A good search position in a major search engine is like a free full-page ad in the Yellow Pages.

"There is no better bargain in advertising anywhere - a Top 10 search engine position is FREE."


Three reasons your search positions can and will change:
  1. Search engine databases are ever-changing with thousands of new Web sites being added daily. These added Web sites can often affect your search positions and push you down the list - out of the top positions.
  2. Search engines often change the way they rate Web sites and the order that they list them for a search. Your Web site can have a good search position today, and a poor position under a new rating system tomorrow.
  3. Errors occur with search engines causing them to lose pages at random. You may be added back later automatically - but you may not. You must know when you need to resubmit.

Checking your ranking for a keyword on a single search engine and resubmitting takes only minutes. However, many things make the task very time consuming and nearly impossible to do by hand. WebPosition solves these problems by performing all your keyword searches in the Top 10 important search engines AUTOMATICALLY - even unattended, if you choose.


Seven reasons your search positions matter:
  1. WebPosition, used even one time, demonstrates conclusively that submitting your URL to search engines is only half the job. If you don't check your search positions and work to improve them, no one will find you - you won't get traffic.
  2. Virtually everyone begins their Web travels at one of the Top 10 major search engines. Your search position determines how many of them will visit your Web site.
  3. Recent studies demonstrate that the major search engines consistently attract more distinct visitors than almost any other sites on the Web. Yahoo! had nearly 15 million visitors in September 1997 alone. These visitors are then distributed to Web sites like yours - or your competitors' - depending almost entirely on your search positions. If competition places before you, they win # you lose.
  4. A Web site with a search position that's three or more pages down a result list is like a billboard in the woods - invisible and ineffective. (How often have you clicked through more than one page of search engine results to find a Web site?)
  5. As many as 5,000 new Web sites come online a day. Everyday there are more and more Web sites competing for good positions in the major search engines. The best positions in the 10 most important search engines will go to those with the foresight to gain a foothold early and climb up the search lists. Is achieving a good search position impossible? No! For the select few who discovered WebPosition, it's quite easy.
  6. Some estimates show that 80 million people use the Web. There are 100 million telephones in the United States, but a listing in the Yellow Pages doesn't guarantee even one phone call - you need a good listing to get results! Similarly, without a good position in a major search engine, your site will not be found. However, a strong search position can mean thousands of visitors a month.
  7. Other forms of online advertising, such as banner ads, COST MONEY. Search engines can produce the same results (or better) for FREE.

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"WebPosition is the first, and only, software for serious Web marketers who want to improve their search positions."

WebPosition is like a simple recipe that you follow to increase your traffic:

WebPosition provides reports to show you where you stand under specific keywords, keyword combinations, and search phrases, so you can make improvements, correct problems, and increase your Web site's traffic without spending a penny in advertising!

Step-by-step instructions, based on your current search positions, show you how to adjust your Web pages so that your search positions improve. And it's so easy to do!

Since search engines sometimes change the way they rank Web sites, you also get a free subscription to the MarketPosition Newsletter, to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques to improve your search positions.

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Marketing myths that are killing Web sites:
CONCERN: "There's no way to really improve my search positions."

ANSWER: NOT TRUE. We understand why you might believe this - others like you felt this way too. What they found is that, by using WebPosition, they did improve their search positions - often dramatically - and realized a surprising increase in their site traffic. Hear it from them in their words!

CONCERN: "Improving my search positions will not affect my bottom line."

ANSWER: If you achieve just a few good search positions for keywords people are searching for and that are relevant to your product or service, you will see a MAJOR increase in your traffic. Because people specifically searched for your organization, product, or service, they are highly-qualified visitors and potential customers. But you deserve proof, not promises, right? A recent study by Relevant Knowledge very well demonstrates the value of traffic from search engines.

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Here's another comment from one of our customers:

"Super Product! Hits on our site continue to grow. Each week, since we started using WebPosition, our hits have grown by at least 10%. Fifteen minutes a day with WebPosition makes a big difference." More customer stories.

"WebPosition is a bargain because it allows you take advantage of a greater bargain - search positions! Good search positions are free."

What makes this form of advertising far more cost effective than most others is that it costs you NOTHING. By reducing the time required to monitor and improve your positions, WebPosition makes very practical what was once a daunting task.

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Why WebPosition tracks your "other" Web pages:

There are 10 primary search engines that you must submit your Web pages to and then monitor those search positions once submitted. These 10 search engines and directories are believed to be responsible for 95% of all traffic to Web sites.

If you offer more than one product or service on your Web site, it's important to get each "page" that features a different product into a prominent search position under a different keyword.

Potential customers will query search engines for a variety of keywords in search of several different products that you may offer. By indexing the different pages within your Web site that offer these products (NOT just the "home page"), and then optimizing those pages for certain related keywords, these potential customers will find those exact pages and buy those products.

To do this, you must monitor MORE than just your home page. You must monitor and improve each of your product or service pages to stay competitive!

Note: Many people overlook this important concept and lose valuable traffic to their competition.

For each product or service you offer, there could be a dozen or more keywords or combination of keywords that someone might search to find you. A good ranking with each word/phrase can significantly improve your site's traffic.

An example of the enormity of trying to track these positions without WebPosition:

10 major engines X 6 products/services X12 keywords/phrases = 720 positions to monitor EVERY day or week.

No one has time to conduct 720 searches a week AND record the results AND take corrective action. If your Web site happens to offer dozens of products or services, you already know that tracking your search positions is an impossible task. That is, unless you use WebPosition to do the work for you!

So what's the end benefit for me?

What can be gained by running WebPosition, viewing the analysis reports and following its recommendations? Plenty!

Significant increases in traffic to your Web site. Many Web sites can bring in thousands of qualified visitors per month by being well positioned in the Top 10 search engines. It all adds up to thousands of dollars of FREE advertising!

Secret of Success

WebPosition gives you the reporting capability necessary to manage your Web site's visibility. If one of your Web pages have been gradually moving down in the rankings, you can quickly identify the problem and correct it. Without WebPosition's powerful reports, you have no way of even knowing a problem exists - until your site traffic slows down, and it's too late.

The Competition

WebPosition is the first software product that allows you to keep tabs on your competition and how their Web sites rank in relationship to yours. With WebPosition, you know what your competition is up to - literally!

What Now?

WebPosition is the time-saving traffic building discovery you've been waiting for. Download the product for free right now, and start increasing your Web site traffic immediately! In just minutes you will know some of your positions in the major search engines - for FREE.

Download Your Free Trial!   or   See WebPosition in Action!

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