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--  Computer Technology Review,   August 1997

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5 out of 5 stars
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"I am truly amazed by your product! ...your software takes this part of Web site promotion to a level never seen before!"

Terry Van Horne
International Web site Builders
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What is WebPosition?

WebPosition™ is the first software product that shows you how well your site ranks under your most important keywords/phrases in the most important search engines -- and then shows you how to improve those listings.

Imagine how long it would take to visit 10 different search engines, search on 5 or 10 keywords, and then scroll down the resulting list of Web sites hoping to spot yours! WebPosition automates this task and saves hours of work!

Then, WebPosition provides specific instructions on how to increase your position in each of these 10 important search engines. When you follow these simple steps, you will witness your positions improve and your traffic increase!

See WebPosition in action or, download it now and try it yourself.

With WebPosition's scheduling feature, you can automatically analyze your positions every day - you'll know about problem areas as soon as your positions change. Even more important, you'll know how to improve these rankings to INCREASE YOUR Web site TRAFFIC!

WebPosition allows you to measure - or "analyze" - your search positions, revealing a baseline from which to begin improving those positions.

Submitting your Web site's URL is important, but it's only half of what you MUST do. If you don't rank well in the most important ones, it will do little to draw new visitors.

Search Engines send free traffic:

 Yahoo! alone had almost 15 million visitors in September 1997:

Top Web sites for September 1997*:
Rank: Search Engine:
1. Yahoo! 14,822,302**
5. Infoseek 7,946,467**
6. Excite 7,597,988*

* Study conducted by Relevant Knowledge.

Just a few good positions for even one or two important keywords can drive thousands of visitors to your Web site -- for FREE. But when someone conducts a search for a particular keyword or phrase related to your site at one of the major search engines, does your site show up in the TOP 10 positions or does someone else's? Which Web site do you suppose this person will visit?

Hint: Not yours!

Without the right tools and guidance, the odds of your appearing even in the top 10 of any major search engine is slim.

Improving your positions in the major search engines is the real secret to bringing thousands of new visitors to your site without spending a dime in advertising. WebPosition is your first step. You must know your positions before you begin to improve them, and, you must be able to track your progress to get to the top.

The best part is you can put WebPosition to work for you in minutes by downloading the free trial!

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